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Zanmai Pro Sujihiki Slicer 9.4 inches (240mm)

Zanmai Pro Sujihiki Slicer 9.4 inches (240mm)

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Zanmai Pro Sujihiki Slicer 9.4 inches (240mm) More...
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Zanmai Pro Sujihiki Slicer 9.4" Blade

This Mcusta Zanmai Pro Sujihiki Slicer made in Japan is both a beautiful and high performace knife. The This knife is made from "8A" Molybdeum Vanadium steel, a high quality steel that is tough and holds its edge very well. This knife has an ergonomic, beautiful and unique Corian Dupont handle with endcap.

• 9.4" blade.
• Corian Dupont white handle.
• Molybdeum Vanadium steel.
Also available Wooden Saya Cover.

What is "Zanmai"?
"Zanmai" is used in Japanese to mean "Luxury". The word is however in fact derived from the Sanskrit term "Samadhi", which refers to the state of consciousness indused bu complete meditation. We trust you will find that this knife match it's "Zanmai" name in all its meaning.

Knife Care
Do not cut frozen food, bones, or other hard objects. Keep way from bleach, high heat and open flame. Do not wash in machine.

After using, wash knife carefully with mild detergent on a soft sponge and rinse well with clean water. After washing, dry blade and handle carefully and throughly with a dry towel. Store knife in a ventilated but safe location. Hone and sharpen blade regularly on a whetstone.

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