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Evolution by Jordi Puigvert

Evolution by Jordi Puigvert

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Evolution: Techniques and Ingredients for Modern Pastry
by Jordi Puigvert

Introducing new and advantageous ingredients, simplifying the processes, improving the performance and applications of each product; in short, optimizing the technical side of pastry to the maximum. This is what evolutionary pastry is about. Jordi Puigvert practices and teaches this all over the world as a technical advisor for countless firms.

With numerous step-by-step pictures for each technique, the book focuses on the so-called 'technological' ingredients, revealing their little known applications in pastry products. Puigvert proves that there are ingredients available to the artisans nowadays which do not subtract quality or nobility from a product at all, but allow to obtain magnificent results regarding texture, preservation and better interaction with other ingredients. Jordi Puigvert has traveled the world (in places like Hong Kong, Italy, Singapore, the USA and Taiwan -among others) teaching pastry and culinary professionals the results of his research and technical progresses.

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If there is a natural ingredient, with an origin and extraction method similar to that of the usual ones, and which provides us with practical and specific solutions in our daily tasks, why shouldn't we use it?

Jordi Puigvert has deeply researched the technical possibilities of gelling and thickening agents, emulsifiers, etc. with a very clear objective - offering the pastry professional specific solutions to fight off everyday problems.

In this section, all the complete recipes worked throughout the book are compiled. It is a total of 20 creations of modern pastry (cakes, desserts, marshmallows, macaroons, etc.) with over 60 components, as well as their final assembly.

Language: English/Spanish
Sizes: 230x280 mm
Pages: 240
20 Preparation processes with step-by-step photographs
20 application techniques
Datasheets of all the products
60 recipes

Evolution, by Jordi Puigvert from grupo vilbo on Vimeo.

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