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Fool Magazine #4

Fool Magazine #4

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An award winning gastronomic magazine, Fool was voted the best Food magazine in the World 2013by Gourmand Cook Book awards. More...
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Fool Magazine #4 - food insanity brilliance & love

The Italian Issue.

The cuisine and produce of few countries can bring a smile to people’s faces just by thinking about them. But sun-drenched tomatoes growing on the picturesque slopes of Vesuvius, Alba truffles from Piedmont and a mamma making spaghetti by hand will do it. Perhaps this is why Italy has had unparalleled success in promoting its food culture all over the world.

This issue of Fool Magazine is dedicated to Italian gastronomy. It is by no means a “complete” portrait, rather a snapshot to inspire you to rediscover and revalue Italian gastronomy both on its home turf and abroad.

The country “Italy” is a recent creation, dating back to 1861, and even today it’s more like a confederation of independent states. From Alto Adige in the north to Sicily in the south, regional differences are reflected in food. Traditions are defended ferociously and form the base for an incredibly rich food culture, but can also result in a static status quo, obstructing development, curiosity and creativity. This isn’t helped by the fact that Italians can only agree on one thing: there is no better cook than mamma!

For this issue we went looking for Fulvio Pierangelini, now an almost mythical chef-figure in Italian gastronomy, and found him poolside in Rome where he explained why he finds recipe writing, let alone cookbooks, meaningless. John Dickie goes beyond the famous “Leave the gun. Take the cannoli” quote from The Godfather to explore the real relationship between the mafia and Italian food production both in the past and today. It is packed with stories we love and have struggled hard to bring you, travelling the length and breadth of Italy. One warm late autumn afternoon spent at the 18th century Villa Manodori outside Modena resulted in incredible stills, inspired by classic Italian film director Federico Fellini’s avant-garde film 8 1/2. Massimo Bottura plays Marcello Mastroianni and the Osteria Francescana crew throw in a stunning performance. It’s maybe the oddest story ever found in a gastronomic magazine, blending fashion, food, dreams and reality. Just like Massimo Bottura’s own philosophy.

We are so proud of Fool’s success, awards and the incredible feedback from readers all over the world. We set out to make the gastronomic magazine we thought was missing and are grateful to be able to bring you stories that matter to us.

In this issue we’re proud to work with great journalists such as Lisa Abend, John Dickie, Anissa Helou, Corby Kummer, Andrea Petrini and many more, some of whom are unavailable to read in English anywhere else.


- Fulvio Pierangelini by Andrea Petrini
Carlo Mirarchi by Aaron Arizpe
5 Quarto by Anissa Helou
Christian Puglisi by Corby Kummer
Leave the Gun Take the Cannoli by John Dickie
Niko Romito by Elisia Menduni
Coffee Culture by Oliver Strand
Massimo Bottura by Lisa Abend
Roberto Petza by Lotta Jorgensen
Pane e Vino by Giorgio de Maria
Arianna Occhipinti by Lotta Jorgensen
Cabrio Bini by Lotta and Per-Anders Jorgensen
Corrado Assenza by Elisia Menduni
Young Italians in Exile by Per-Anders Jorgensen
Franco Pepe by Maurizio Cortese

And much more...

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