Thomas Keller Circulator Kit

Thomas Keller Circulator Kit

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Own the kit with the machine responsible for propelling low temperature sous vide cooking to the forefront of the culinary world. It includes the Polyscience Sous Vide Professional Classic circulator with protective cage, 18 liter polycarbonate tank with custom fit lid, and Chef Thomas Keller’s exclusive “Sous Vide – A Guide to Low-Temperature Cooking”.

The Sous Vide Classic is the original professional standard and a true work horse with its robust stainless steel construction. It contains a circulating mechanism for regulating 30liters (8 gallons) of liquid and excellent temperature stability at plus or minus 0.09° F (0.05° C). It will also heat liquids to 200°F (90°C). The tank and custom cut lid are excellent companions to the Classic Circulator. The tank is an ideal size and the lid helps limit evaporation and heat loss.

The exclusive guide from Chef Thomas Keller is a primer for any cook who wants to learn the fundamental techniques of sous vide cooking. Featured sections include the specifics of sous vide, its history, safety issues, and the equipment used. This informative guide also features tips and highly approachable sous vide recipes not found anywhere else.

Kit includes:

• Thermal Circulator with protective cage. (P350-TK)
• An 18 liter clear polycarbonate cooking tank.
• A custom-fit lid designed to keep heat and steam in the cooking tank.


Cooking Temperature: User settable to 302°F/150°C.
Stability: +/- .09°F (+/- .05°C).
Overall Dimensions (L x W x D): 12.25" length x 4.63" width x 5.75" height.
Controller Type: Standard controller, LED display, 3 temperature preset buttons.
Protective Cage Preinstalled: Yes.

Polycarbonate Tank and lid specifications:

Maximum Temperature: 210°F (99°C).
Overall Dimensions (L x W x D): 18" length x 12" width x 9" height.
Power: 120V, 11A.

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