Comatec Imitation Caviar Tin 2.25 inch diameter. 1.5 ounce

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Comatec Imitation Caviar Tin

The imitation caviar tin is a great whimsical serving piece to help keep your guests entertained. Use these clever tins to serve copy cat caviar products made with the spherification method or any other technique you can dream up. They are made to look and feel just like the tins real caviar is sold in. They can easily be collected, hand washed and reused.

• 2.6" diameter x 0.75" height.
• 1.5oz capacity.
• Aluminium.
• Pack of 12.

Note: These tins do not seal and lids are for aesthetic purposes only. We recommend creating or using a label of some kind to hold the lid down and add a personal touch product.

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