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Butane Torch without Fuel

Butane Torch without Fuel

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Butane Mini Torch. Flame adjustment from regular to fine. Up to 2,700 F. We sell the unit only. Standard butane fuel refills may be purchased from your local hardware supplier. Operates for 200 minute More...
  • SKU: U749
  • $49.00


Butane Torch Without Fuel

Ideal for creme brulee, custards, caramelizing sugers, flans, meringue pies, bread puddings, melting cheese, skinning tomatoes and ice sculptures. Adjustable flame from regular to fine. Stainless steel and plastic. Self-starting and lock-on button.

• 7" height.
• 2700 °F jet flame.
• Adjustable flame.
• Refillable 28ml fuel cylinder.
• Anti-ignition torch design.
Refill also available. (No air shipment permited).

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