Glass Fermentation Crock, 5 Liters

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Glass Fermentation Crock, 5 Liters

Traditional pickling, not to be confused with industrial pickling, is an amazing way to turn all kinds of foods (not just cucumbers!) into sour, toothsome, nutritious snacks and toppings. It relies on fermentation to both preserve and transforms practically any kind of produce. Sauerkraut, pickles, kimchi are some of the tastiest staples of a vitamin-rich diet and are obtained through fermentation..

These kits have the tools you need to start making your own traditional pickles: a durable, cleverly designed fermentation crock, a lid with rewritable label to identify each batch, and a booklet of user-friendly, thoroughly tested recipes to get you started.

• 5 liters capacity.
2 liters capacity also available.

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