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Replacement Parts > 2 in One Vegetable Slicer Replacement Parts - D371

Diagram For D371

Diagram For D371

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5B. 9-D371-5B Flat Wide Blade 6. 9-D371-6 Julienne Blade Without Case 7. 9-D371-7 Blank Attachment 9. 9-D371-9 Blade Casing (Blade Holder) 11. 9-D371-11 Crank Handle 12. 9-D371-12 Cutting Unit Hol More...
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5B.   9-D371-5B  Flat Wide Blade

6.     9-D371-6 Julienne Blade Without Case

7.     9-D371-7 Blank Attachment

9.     9-D371-9  Blade Casing (Blade Holder)

11.   9-D371-11  Crank Handle

12.   9-D371-12  Cutting Unit Holder

16.   9-D371-16 Vegetable Holding Rod

17.   9-D371-17 Rod Cap

18.   9-D371-18  Sliding Claw

21.   9-D371-21  Holding Rod Spindle

23.   9-D371-23  Bridge

24A. 9-D371-24A  Rod Bearing for Handle Side

24B. 9-D371-24B  Rod Bearing for Rod Cap Side

25.   9-D371-25  Bevel Gears

27.   9-D371-27  Eccentric Cam

28.   9-D371-28  Plunger Ring

31.   9-D371-31  Gear Cover

36.   9-D371--36  Handle Cap Screw

37.   9-D371-37  Tray

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