Apicius 27 November 2016

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Apicius 27, November 2016

With this twenty-seventh edition, Apicius has crossed the 6000-page mark. The weight of this paper makes us responsible. Even more than we already were... We will continue, we are continuing. And, on this occasion, we are doing so with a taster menu that will be a revolution through the following 224 pages. It is bristling with authenticity…and with risk.

"Apicius 27 wants to delve even deeper into different projects, from the most influential international ones to restaurants born from a clear desire to become a food destination. It is pure transversality," says Jãvi Antoja de la Rosa, editor-in-chief of the publication. Come and see for yourselves. You will enjoy an endless show.

• English and Spanish.
• 224 pages.
• 8.26" length x 11.69" width.

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