Casa Solla by Pepe Solla

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Casa Solla by Pepe Solla

Chef Pepe Solla (Casa Solla) invites you on a personal journey through the pages of this book. You will discover the rivers, estuaries, seas and hills of his land. You will smell the salty air, the forests, and even the blood of its creatures. You will feel the damp fog, the sea breeze and the sun on your face, and also the unending hours of hard work in the pursuit of excellence. You will taste the sea, the vegetable gardens, the diversity of its meats, and the tradition of Galician pastry.

You will discover that there is so much more out there, and this is only the beginning. This book captures Pepe Solla’s Galicia through his finest dishes. Innovation, wisdom, care, respect, precision, sensitivity, memory, boldness, affection, perseverance, hospitality, pride and love are the pillars on which Pepe Solla’s cuisine is built.

• English / Spanish.
• 256 pages.
• 9.44" length x 10.62" width.
• Hard cover.

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