100 Millimeter Demisphere Chocolate Mold, Single Form

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100 Milimeter Demisphere Chocolate Mold

These molds are designed and crafted in Belgium, one of the chocolate Mecca’s of the world. Made for the professional pastry chef and chocolatier these molds have highly detailed designs and are constructed of food safe clear polycarbonate that is rigid and will not flex or bend.

Each mold measures: 11" width x 5.5" length x 1" height.
Style: Demisphere.
Size of Forms: 4 diameter x 2" height.
Number of Forms: 1

Care of Polycarbonate Molds

Before use, these molds should be carefully cleaned in warm or hot water with mild soap. Do not use a detergent or soap that contains abrasives. You can put these molds in the dishwasher, including a commercial dishwasher, but must not be used with detergent. The detergent contains abrasives that will scratch the plastic. After washing, can be dried with a soft, lint free cloth, or cotton balls.

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