Two Piece Magnetic Square Tile Chocolate Mold, 15 Forms

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Two Piece Magnetic Square Tile Chocolate Mold

Create beautiful chocolate with this high quality polycarbonate and stainless steel magnetic mold. The mold consists of two pieces: a polycarbonate upper with strong magnets that securely hold removable base made from a mirror finished stainless steel sheet. The two piece construction gives you the added benefit of creating a variety of looks by lining the bottom of the mold with a chocolate transfer sheet. Simply place a transfer sheet between the stainless steel and polycarbonate frame, fasten them together and fill with tempered chocolate as you would any other mold.

Each mold measures: 5.30" width x 10.85" length x 0.95" height.
Style: Two Piece Magnetic Square Tile.
Size of Forms: 1.1" length x 1.1" width x 0.35" height.
Number of Forms: 15

Care of Polycarbonate Molds

Before use, these molds should be carefully cleaned in warm or hot water with mild soap. Do not use a detergent or soap that contains abrasives. You can put these molds in the dishwasher, including a commercial dishwasher, but must not be used with detergent. The detergent contains abrasives that will scratch the plastic. After washing, can be dried with a soft, lint free cloth, or cotton balls.

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