Pintxos Small Plates In The Basque

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Pintxos Small Plates in the Basque Tradition

Pinxtos is a fine example of tapas sized portions with big flavors and traditional flare.

Chef Hirigoyen’s cookbook concentrates on pintxos, the Basque equivalent to tapas, a specialty from this region of Spain. The dishes in this book are organized by style: small sandwiches, braises, fried snacks, skewers, etc. With 75 recipes and 50 full-color photographs, Chef Hirigoyen broadens your arsenal of small plate with dishes like lamb's tongue, duck breast with oranges and green olives, tuna belly with lemon confit, and fava beans with crème fraîche and mint. Many of the recipes are designed to be made in advance, and several are even served at room temperature adding to the books versatility and ease of use.

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