Chef's Press v2 - Made in USA - 13oz

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Chef's Press v2 - Made in USA - 13oz

Great for grilling meat, fish, vegetables and more, our stainless-steel presses top foods with extra weight for faster, more efficient cooking.

Also available Chef's Press 8oz.

  • 5.25" length x 4.25" width.
  • Weight is 13oz.
  • Vented to release moisture during grilling.
  • 13oz presses can be stacked to create extra weight.
  • Easy to arrange in overlapping patterns to cover larger pieces of meat.
  • Also handy for weighting foods for marinating.
  • Stainless steel.
  • Sold individually.
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Made in USA.

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The Chef’s Press was born in 2004 out of true necessity in the tiny kitchen of Bix Restaurant down a secret alley in San Francisco, where Chef Bruce Hill was at the helm of the stoves. In a small kitchen like Bix's, every second counts. The old cast iron bacon presses used by his cooks trapped steam and were too heavy for many dishes. In 2007, Chef Hill patented the Chef’s Press – a stackable weight adjustable tool that allows food to cook 20-30% faster, vented to release moisture, yielding better results with greater ease.

In 2017, Chef Hill began producing the Chef's Press Professional line in Oakland California. The new version is made from USA forged steel, sourced from Clayton metals in Cincinnati Ohio. The steel is stamped into the Chef's Press by Rago & Son in Oakland, using a 30 ton press, just they way Rago has stamped steel since 1945. The presses are then de-burred by DougCo in Oakland. The de-burring removes most of the rough edges caused by the stamping process. Lastly, Chef Hill drives the presses to his workshop in San Francisco, where each press is hand finished and inspected.

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