The Control Freak Induction Burner

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Control °Freak Induction Burner

The world’s first controlled induction cooking system to accurately measure, set and hold every cooking temperature from 86-482 °F.

The machine’s features include the following:

• A spring-loaded pan temperature sensor button that resides above the machine’s glass base not below it (which can cause inaccuracy and delays in temperature reading) and can hold a pan at 397 different temperatures (from 86 to 482 °F), within plus or minus 1 °F of stability with Probe Control; the sensor communicates when a pan has been lifted or put down and reactivates automatically without needing to be reset.
• Revolutionary Probe Control (with pot clip) that communicates and controls the precise temperature of both water and fat-based liquids.
• “Intensity” function that allows the user to quickly and precisely speed-up or slow down the heat-up speed.
• Custom USB port and stick that allows for the sharing of recipe temperature programming instructions between Control Freak machines.
• Dual fan system that efficiently and effectively cools all the machines internal components, extending the life of the Control Freak and eliminating overheating (other models have only one fan).


Performance Range: 86 - 482 °F (30 - 250 °C).
Dual NTC Probe Resolution: 32 - 572 °F (0 -300 °C).
Temperature Stability: 1.8 °F (1 °C).
Power Range: 100 - 1800 Watts.
Control: Probe control or thermometer mode.
Control Functionality: 397 possible holding temperatures (°F). 221 possible holding temperatures (°C).
Dimensions: 18.5" length x 13.7" width x 4.3" height.
Cooking Functions: 72 hours with REPEAT, CONTINUE, KEEP WARM and STOP.

What's in the box:

• The Control °Freak.
• 1 Probe.
• USB Drive.
• Probe holder.
• Accesories case.
• Carry bag.

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