Nonstick Aluminum Induction Frying Pan - 12.6-inch

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Non-Stick Aluminum Induction Frying Pan, 12.6" diameter

The non-stick French style frypan CHOC, made of thick aluminum with PFOA-free PTFE 5-layer coating, is equipped with a solid induction bottom for use on all heat sources. The pan’s 5 mm. thickness allows for superior heat retention and steadier temperature rise. Additional features include improved heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and reinforced non-stick and non-slip qualities.

• 12.6" diameter.
• Do not overheat and be sure to avoid temperature shocks.
• Do not use metal objects in the cookware.
• Care: wash by hand only using a non-abrasive sponge. 
• May be used on all cook tops including induction.
• The steel handle is firmly riveted.

Other available sizes:

7.9" Diameter.
9.4" Diameter.
11" Diameter.

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