AUS-ION 10-inch Flaming Skillet by Solidteknics - Seamless Steel - Smooth Finish

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SolidTeknics Aus-Ion Seamless Steel Flaming Skillet, 10" Diameter

Flaming Skillet is a new innovation in grilling and roasting for vegetables and meats. There are other mesh pans on the market, but none are based on thick and strong real steel skillets for long-term heavy-duty restaurant use. No other mesh pans are made from one durable, rivet-less, seamless piece of steel.

For thick steaks, you can use the chef 'sear and bake' method, with our combination set of 10" Flaming Skillet with our regular 10.2" Skillet, when baking in the oven, to catch drips.

• 10" diameter.

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