AUS-ION 7-inch Skillet by Solidteknics - Seamless Steel - Smooth Finish

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SolidTeknics Seamless Cast Iron Skillet, 7.09" Diameter

SolidTeknics presents AUS-ION seamless one-piece formed-iron (low carbon Australian steel) cookware: specifically developed for working chefs in the restaurant trade...and serious cooks.

  • 7.09" diameter.
  • 1.84 Lbs.


Hygienic: Seamless one-piece iron eliminates rivets (well known among chefs for trapping food...and steel wool).
Durable: No rivets, joins or coatings: Multi-generation durability.
Healthy: Seasoned iron is all-natural nonstick, with no heat limits.
Hot Pan: Thick 3mm Aussie iron: Even heating on any source.
Cool handle: Strong neck webbing and vents to dissipate heat.
Comfort, control, less fatigue: Ergonomic wide concave handle.



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