Zanmai Petty Utility Knife 5.9 inch (150mm)

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The Mcusta Zanmai 8A line of knives uses the same Molybdenum Vanadium that is featured in there pro series (shown above) offering a high quality finish and excellent edge retention. A beautifully polished pakka wood handle is fitted on these full tang knives and the butt is fitted with a mirror finished end cap. These knives do not have a bolster allowing Mcusta to offer a knife with professional quality blade at a good price.

  • 5.9" blade.
  • Petty Utility Knife.
  • Stainless steel and wood.
  • Each.

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Characteristics of the blade

The blades are manually drawn by skilled craftsmen to molybdenum · vanadium material which was baked at proper temperature are finished in a sharp sharpness.

Easy to digest into foodstuffs, and bewitching blade

The claws grinned by skilled craftsmen are easy to dig into the foodstuff and can be said to be the ideal structure with strength.

Features of the handle

Since the blades are connected to the ass gold, they are designed to be very strong. We made use of opinions from many end users. A well-balanced handle, easy-to-hold design, and each one has been polished clean and finished. The handle is three-dimensional finished to fit the hand.

What is "Zanmai"?

"Zanmai" is used in Japanese language to mean "luxury". The word is however in fact derived from the Sanskrit term "Samadhi", which refers to the state of consciousness induced by complete mediation. We trust you will find that our knives match their "Zanmai" name in all its meanings.


Do not cut frozen food, bones or other hard objects. Keep away from bleach, acid, high heat and open flame. Do not wash in machine.

Knife Care

After using, wash knife carefully with mild detergent on a soft sponge and rinse well with clean water. After washing, dry blade and handle carefully and thoroughly with a dry towel. Store knife in a ventilated but safe location. Hone and sharpen blade regularly.

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