White Nonstick Stone - 8 Cavities

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Stone Quarter Sheet Nonstick Flexible Mold, 8 Forms

This silicone mold is designed with a specialized border that results in an end product with a soft rounded base. This feature provides you with a unique look and elegant style. Use this molds individually to yield refined creations.

Quarter sheet pan size. Four can be put in a standard sheet pan. Usable from -76 to +446 ºF (-60 to 230 ºC). This mold is dishwasher safe, nonstick and made from 100% food safe silicone.

The small size of these sheets (12" length x 7" width) allows purchase of multiple styles at low cost. Useful when oven or cold space is limited. For baking or freezing to create original ice creamsbut also savoury and sweet recipes.

• Makes 8 forms.
• Each form is 2.55" diameter x 1.18" height (65mm x 30mm).
• Sheet is 11.96" length x 6.96" width (304mm x 177mm).
• Each form has a capacity of 2.87oz (85ml).

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