Global Sharpening Guide Set

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Global Knives
From Japan

Mino Sharp Sharpening Guide Set

These sharpening guides fit on the back of your Global knife blade to assist you while sharpening the knife on a whetstone. The guides automatically put the knife at the optimal Global cutting angle for precise sharpening. Please note that these guides are not for use with serrated knives or those with a traditional Japanese single-sided edge.

Extensive research has shown that the optimum blade edge angle for most cutting tasks is between 10 and 15 degrees. using this guide rail will help you to achieve this sharpening angle and get the best performance from your knives.


Small size: Suitable for blade width between 15mm and 25mm.

Large size: Suitable for blade width between 27mm and 43mm.


  Tightly grip with right hand                                         Tightly grip with left hand


Attach appropriate Guide Rail to spine of the blade, slightly nearer to the tip than the handle, so that the bottom edge of the Guide Rail is parallel to the edge.

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