Japanese Deba Knife - 6 inch

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Japanese Hand-Made Professional Cutlery
Carbon, Sword Steel Blades

Highest Quality

These knives are hand-made by a small, well established (1917) factory for their professional customers. The steel is Yasugi Shiro-ku, a high carbon, sword steel preferred for daily use because it is easily re-sharpened to a very fine edge. This is laminated during forging to a "mild" (more rigid) steel for strength, then polished and super sharpened. As with all carbon steel knives, this will rust if not treated properly. The handles are made from "Ho" wood, a variety unique to Japan which is light and very water resistant. The ferrules are buffalo horn.

Traditional Round Handles

Deba Knife
Thin edge, thick back for cutting meat & poultry. 6" blade.

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