Kikuichi Chef Slicer / Sushi Roll Knife 10.5 inch

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Kikuichi Cutlery
From Japan

Kikuichi Cutlery has been one of Japan's finest knife manufacturers for over 700 years. To this day, their blades proudly display the emperor's Chrysanthemum, a mark of superb Japanese craftsmanship.

700 years ago, The emperor Gotoba authorized Shiro Kanenaga to become one of his royal sword smiths. For the next several hundred years the Kikuichi company manufactured samurai swords that bore the emperors chrysanthemum (Kiku-no-mon) as a mark of their excellence. Today Shiro Kanenaga's original swords are considered national treasures in Japan and are on display at Seikado Museum in Tokyo.

By the end of the samurai era in 1868, the company reinvented itself and became the Kikuichi Cutlery company that we see today. They have continued to maintain the same high standard of craftsmanship begun by Shiro Kanenaga, and their blades continue to bear the emperors chrysanthemum.

Kikuichi knives are still made in Sakai, Japan where is 95% of traditional Japanese knives are made.

JB Prince Company is proud to offer some of the company's top-of-the-line laminated Western style knives. These hand-crafted blades have a level of performance rarely found in knives made in the West.

Western Style Sushi Knife / Slicer
10.5" sandwich construction blade with a high carbon steel core and a stainless steel exterior. Thin blade construction is ideal for cutting sushi rolls and other delicate slicing applications. Rosewood handle.

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