Flattening Stone

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Water Stone Fixer

To re-flatten water stones. Coarse, grooved stone on plastic non-skid mounting.

Low cost, easy-to-use flattening method for all grit sizes of water stones. The coarse grit silicon carbide promotes maximum cutting while the diagonal grooves provide material removal during the process. Engineered for superb flatness with a very hard bond, it produces an extremely flat result on all sizes of water stones. For best results, bring the water stone to the flattering stone.

To insure the entire surface of the water stone is flat and there are no hollows or rounded edges, pencil a grid pattern on the surface to be flattened.

When all the grid lines are gone, the water stone is ready for use. It will have a flat surface and a clear, sharp cutting face. While the surface of the water stone may appear rough, it will not affect the sharpening.

With continued use, the flattering stone will lose its flatness. Use a coarse 220 grit waterproof sandpaper or diamond sharpening stone to reflatten.

• 9" length x 3" width.

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