Shapton Glass Stone 4000 Grit

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Shapton Glass Stones

The engineers of Shapton have developed a glass backed ceramic stone with a high volume and even distribution of abrasive particles. This translates into a stone with uniformity that cuts quickly and wears very slowly. Shapton Glass Stones do not need to be soaked before use. You simply splash the stone with water and you are ready to sharpen making them simple and convenient to use.

Shapton Glass Stones are well suited for sharpening many of the stainless steels that exist in the chef knife market today. These stainless steels often have compositions that are resistant to abrasion, making the sharpening process more difficult on traditional man made stones. Shapton Glass Stones uniformity and distribution of abrasive particles make them better suited for sharpening these stainless steels. 

4000 Grit
Primarily for polishing and refining your edge.  Cuts steel at slower more controlled pace 8.25" x 2.75"x 0.5".


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