Misono UX-10 Hollow Ground Chef's Knife - 8 inch

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Misono Cutlery
From Japan

The MISONO Company is descended from one of Japan's great sword makers. While still producing ceremonial swords, MISONO is now more famous for their excellent, thin blade cutlery, the finest in Japan You can select from four of their best lines, each different design, blade or bolster features. All the MISONOs have the same handles made from natural wood for comfort and feel. They are impregnated with resin under high preassure and great heat to make them very durable and impervious to water.

UX-10 Series
Top grade Swedish, high carbon, no-stain steel makes hard, sharp cutting edges with surprisingly easy resharpening. Ice hardened (sub zero) and tempered to rockwell 60° for great strength and edge retention. Unique tapered, German silver bolster allows greater comfort and less irritation from the back of the table.

Hollow ground chef's knife
8" blade.

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