4pcs Half Sphere Mold Kit

  • SKU:  M713
  • $15.20

Half Sphere Mold Kit, 4 Pieces

Imagine a soft dessert wrapped into a crunchy chocolate mold. Made of polyethylene, the chocolate sphere molds and showpieces facilitate the preparation of shells to cover a semifreddo or to combine together, thanks to the different diameters available, to create elegant and geometric showpieces.

The polyethylene version is available in two kits, one of 4 and another one of 6 items, all of different sizes.

• 1.96" diameter, produces 6 forms.
• 2.55" diameter, produces 4 forms.
• 2.95" diameter, produces 4 forms.
• 3.54" diameter, produces 2 forms.
• Overall size of the complete mold is 8.75" square.


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