Taste Puzzle Alphabet Silicone Mold

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Taste Puzzle Alphabet Silicone Mold

Taste Puzzle is a kit composed of the entire English alphabet(x3), numbers 0 thru 9 (x3), assorted punctuation marks, assorted symbols, two silicone rails, two spacers and a storage box for organization. This is a creative way of replacing flavor markers or signage.

Designed to form words with chocolate or other edibles that can be put directly on gelato, cakes, ice creams, buffet items and more. It is an attractive and clever way to distinguish selections in your display case or customize items for clients. Eco-friendly, practical and functional, with Taste Puzzle your creations will have a touch of originality.

• Each letter approximately 1.25" height.
• Includes plastic carry box for convenient storage and organization.
• Kit comes unsorted.

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