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73311  9-U523-73311  Reducing Nut

73313  9-U523-73313  Filler Tube

73316  9-U523-73316  Valve Rod & Ball

73317  9-U523-73317  Collar

73320  9-U523-73320  Spring

73323  9-U523-73323  Wing Nut

73330  9-U523-73330  Washer

73331  9-U523-73331  Lever

73332  9-U523-73332  Washer 10mm

73333  9-U523-73333  Plastic Bearing for Lever

73334  9-U523-73334  Metal Disc 

73335  9-U523-73335  Plastic Spring Seating

73336  9-U523-73336  Hex Head Screw


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