So Good Magazine #17 Jan 17

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So Good Magazine, Number #17

So Good 17 arrives with a changed design but with the same spirit of capturing the most creative and current haute Pâtisserie. Pastry chefs such as Pierre Marcolini or Paco Torreblanca share pages with lesser known figures but which are on the rise, such as Cedric Grolet, William Werner, or Abel Bravo.

Plated desserts of the new Danish cuisine or some of the chefs who have left their mark the previous year at the Ikarus restaurant in Austria will help illustrate avant-garde restaurant desserts. And if you still do not have FourinOne you can enjoy a preview of its contents. All this and much more thanks to the participation of over 30 pastry chefs in 300 pages of content.

• 300 pages.


• Guillaume Mabilleau, The elegance of new French vanguard.
• Pierre Marcolini, When inspiration comes from a cocoa bean.
• William Werner, A Pastry Chef for all Seasons.
• Cédric Grolet, Essential in taste, virtuoso in finishes.
• Rasmus Kofoed, Søren Selin, Jonathan Kjølhede Berntsen, Northern tides.
• Rafael Delgado, Cooking desserts.
• Paco & Jacob Torreblanca, Insights 2017.
• Gregory Doyen, Sweet seduction.
• Junichi Mitsubori, World of Wagashi. Passion in the serenity.
• Luciano García, A Modern feel.
• Ikarus restaurant, The world in one single space.
• Stephanie Prida, California Dreamin.
• Roberto Cortez, Edible perfume.
• Javier Guillén, Breaking the mirror.
• Darren Purchese, Versioning oneself.
• Yun Eun-Young, Korean-Style Éclairs, always crisp and fresh.
• Daniel Álvarez, The air of happiness.
• Abel Bravo, New land.
• Five New York stories.
• Tidbits.
• Gérard Dubois, That strong and barely controllable emotion.
• FOUR in ONE, Creativity with knowledge.


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