4oz. Oval Frame & Molds

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"Universal" Modular Molds


For the preparation of frozen, cold, or warm desserts, mousses, hors d'oeuvres and portion controlled dishes.


Food-safe acrylic molds are crystal clear so that you can see the layers and other decorative effects that you create. Use one mold, all of them, or as many as you need. You can combine different designs on a tray. (Not Suitable for Baking) "Universal" modular molds give maximum flexibility.


Tray size: 23.38" x 15.63" Each design available in 2 sizes:

4 oz. size molds: 35 individual molds per tray. Each mold 1.5" high.

1.5 oz. size molds: Each mold is 1" high. 4 molds in each square, 24 squares per tray. Total: 96, 1.5 oz molds.

Cutters and Extractors sold separately. 

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