Grain Mill For Champion Juicer

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Grain Mill Attachment For Champion Commercial Juicer

The Champion Juicer Grain Mill Attachment attaches to the Champion Juicer to turn your Champion Juicer into a grain and flour mill. (Champion Juicer is sold separately).

- Easy to Install & Use

- Simple adjustments for coarse or fine materials

- Perfect for Grinding Oats, Barley, Wheat, Corn Meal or Even Coffee

- Durable - heavy-duty construction

- Clean and Dust-Free Operation Please note: The Champion Grain Mill Is Recommended For Use With Dry Product Materials

- Grains - wheat, rye, barley, buckwheat, dried corn kernels and rice.

- Dry Beans - peppercorns, mung beans, dried white navy beans, black beans, cracked soybean, and coffee beans.

- Can run Kamut and Spelt, however Kamut and Spelt may only be run in small amounts or until the unit becomes warm

- If you want to grind sprouted grains (wet) you can use the "blank plate" that is included with the Champion®

Not Recommended for: Nut Meats, Dried Beans (other than what is recommended above), Garbanzo Beans (chick peas), dried herbs, sesame seeds, popcorn, amaranth, lima beans, soft wheat berries or other types of seeds with soft centers. Running any material containing soft centers will gum up the grinding blades and cause the unit to overheat.

Other Information:

- Flour bag capacity - 2 cups (you can use your own bag or bowl to catch the Flour)

- The new color of the flour bag is now Black (Black bag not pictured)

- Hopper capacity about 2.5cups

- Speed - 1 cup Flour takes 5 minutes on average. (Depends on texture)

- 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty

Important Notice: Due to the close setting of the grinding plates, certain grains such as oats, rice, kamut, spelt or soft wheat are so fluffy that they actually begin to build up and pack inside the unloading portion of the grain mill. Occasionally operator should unsnap the canvas bag on the front side and check to be sure the flour is falling freely. If packing should occur, you merely tap lightly on the front plate directly below the adjustment handle with a wooden mixing spoon. This will allow the material to flow into the holding bag without packing and overheating.

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