Polyscience Sous VideThermal Circulator - Creative Series

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Sous Vide Professional Thermal Circulator - Creative Series

Creative Series Thermal Circulator Perfect for occasional or lower volume applications.

The term Sous Vide literally translates into "under vacuum", and has been adopted as the name for a cooking method that relies on precise temperature control. Foods cooked in this method are typically vacuum sealed in a non-reactive plastic pouch and heated in a water bath at a specific temperature until a desired level of doneness has been reached. This exacting technique provides unmatched control and consistency that cannot be found in other cooking methods.

Chefs can now benefit from extended hold times and still maintain exact doneness. This gives the advantage of preparing dishes in advanced without sacrificing taste, and helps balance out your kitchen staff’s work load. Cooking Sous Vide is also ideal for the cost effective secondary cuts associated with low and slow cooking methods resulting in tender well prepared proteins. Compliment your traditional cooking methods, increase efficiency, and achieve consistent results with this innovative approach to food.

The Sous Vide Creative is designed as a cost effective option for culinary professionals who are just beginning to explore the possibilities of this technique. It is ideal for the curious chef who is interested in experimenting and utilizing this tool in a non professional environment.

• Ideal for recipe testing, culinary students
• An excellent, low cost option.
• Precisely controls up to 20 liters (5.3 gallons).

Maximum Bath Volume: 20L (5.3 gal.)
Maximum Pump Output: 6L min. (1.6 gal. min.)
Flow Adjustable: N/A.
Maximum Temperature: 210 F (99 C).
Temperature Stability: 0.01 C (0.07 F).
Heater Wattage (120): 120V (1100W).
Warranty: One year limited.
Non commercial.

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