Fata Paper Cooking Film - 10 Meters

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"Fata" Paper

"Fata" Paper (professional cooking foil) allows you to cook in a clear bag so that all the flavors and juices remain together. Then bring to the table and serve with the aroma (and drama) when the bag is opened.

"Fata" Paper can withstand cooking temperatures up to 440° F (230° C). Cook on hot surface, in water bath, hot oil, in the microwave, or the oven... almost anywhere except in contact with flame.

"Fata" Paper is approved for food use and cooking by both European and U.S. health authorities. It comes on a roll and is easy to use. Roll out and cut enough to form a bag. Add your ingredients including liquids. Gather and tie with string, ribbon or twist tie. Start cooking. Temperature can be checked by inserting probe thermometer through the gathered top. If air pressure inside pouch gets too high, a pin hole will develop to release some air.

Developed in association with Fabio Tacchella, Manager of the Italian National Culinary Team and well-known chef/owner of a restaurant near Verona.

Sold in roles 20" wide. Food safe. Can be used on all cooking surfaces except flame. Typical size of 20" x 20" per use. Roll 20" wide x 33-1/3' long. Min. of 20 uses.

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R560 R560 R560 R560

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