Ceramic Blade Slicer

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Ceramic Blade Slicer, Black

Unique vegetable or fruit slicer cuts both on the up and down stroke. Easy to use and saves time. Ceramic blade stays sharp and won't rust. This double-edge slicer makes it fast and easy to prepare fruits and vegetables for tarts, garnishes or salads. The non-corrosive blade is made from advance ceramic that will stay ultra-sharp 10 times longer that steel blades. Plus, the ceramic blade will not alter the taste or smell of food, offering pure and healthy results.

• 2.33" width cutting channel.
• 12.5" length overall.
• Vegetable holder included.
• Plastic frame.
• For fruits and vegetables.
• Double-edge blade.
• Ultra sharp.
• Durable & rust-proof.

Care and use

Use handguard to secure fruit or vegetable. With other hand, grab handle of slicer. Place at angle on non-slip surface or use with prep bowl by securing corner notches on rim of bowl. Use back and forth cutting motion as ceramic blade is sharp on both sides. Dishwasher safe. Soak in a mild bleach solution if necessary.

• Advance ceramic razor-sharp blade stays sharper longer.
• Included hand guard holds food securely and protects fingers.
• Corner notches fit the slicer on top of bowls.
• Confortable ergonomic handle includes hang hole for storage.

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