Certine Chefs' Spoon

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  • $19.90

Certine Chefs' Spoon

Please note: Do not use this spoon to pry or twist. Not recommended for use with hard cheeses, frozen foods or for butchering meats. Try to avoid dropping this spoon on hard surfaces. This spoon, while extremely durable, can break if used improperly. 

  • Neutral, non-metallic tasting.
  • Steady temperature in and out of hot or cold sauces, gravies and dressings.
  • A wipe-clean, non-porous surface.
  • Diamond hard ceramic features a "Forever Luster".
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Narrowed tip for precise saucing of droplets, pools and pulls.
  • Deep volume spoon for basting, stirring and saucing.
  • Dishwasher safe.

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