Decospoons Set Stainless Steel

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Spoon Drop Decorating Spoons

Inspired by the tip of a classic fountain pen these spoons add a new dimension to plating. The DecoSpoon is a cleverly designed set of saucing spoons that give you the ability to draw intricate lines, patterns, and they even allow you to write legibly with a variety of sauces. Turn a plate into your canvas and keep your service ware looking fresh and new. You can create wide strokes, thin strokes, overlays, and dots with this innovative set.

Use them like you would any writing instrument. Make sure the sauce is flowing, but with body; similar in viscosity to a crème anglaise. Keep your sauces in a small container making sure the head of the spoon is not fully submerged. This will insure you do not have excess sauce flowing into your design. Fill the tip of the spoon with a small amount of sauce. Hold the spoon upright with the tip touching the plate while you create your desired pattern. Made in France. Stainless steel.

• 2 Stainless Steel DecoSpoons.
• 1 Small teaspoon spoon size, length 7.5" length.
• 1 Large tablespoon size, length 9" length.
• Stainless steel spoon with stainless steel handle.
• Boxed set.

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