Sugar Density Refractometer (0-80%)

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Sugar Density Refractometer

Easy-to-use, professional tools measure the concentration of sugar. One year limited warranty from manufacturer. Uses 0-80 BRIX scale (full range).

• 7" length x 1.25" width.
Principles of Refractometery
Refractometers are instruments used to measure substances dissolved in water and certain oils. The refractometer works using the principle of light refraction through liquids. As light passes from air into a liquid it slows down. This phenomenon is what gives a "bent" look to objects that are partially submerged in water. To put it simply, the more dissolved solids water contains, the slower light travels through it, and the more pronounced the "bending" effect on light. Refractometers use this principle to determine the amount of dissolved solids in liquids by passing light through a sample and showing the refracted angle on a scale. The scale most commonly used is referred to as the Brix scale. The Brix scale is defined as: the number of grams of pure cane sugar dissolved in 100 grams of pure water (grams sugar/100 grams H20).

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