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1.     9-D370-1  Sheeting Cutter Unit (Flat Blade)

2      9-D370-2 Julienne Cutter (Blade) Unit

3.     9-D370-3 Fish Design Cutter (Blade) Unit

4.     9-D370-4  Fish Design Cutter (Blade) Unit

5.     9-D370-5  Flat Wide Blade

6.     9-D370-6  Julienne Blade Without Case

7.   9-D370-7  Fish Net Blade Without Case

8.   9-D370-8  Fish Design Blade Without Case

9.   9-D370-9  Case (Holder) for Sheeting Blade

10.   9-D370-10  Case (Holder) for 6,7,8

11.   9-D370-11  Crank Handle

12.   9-D370-12 Cutting Unit Holder

16.   9-D370-16  Vegetable Holding Rod

17.   9-D370-17  Rod Cap

18.   9-D370-18  Sliding Claws (2 Pcs.)

20.   9-D370-20  Rod Adapter

21.   9-D370-21 Vegetable Rod Spindle

23.   9-D370-23  Bridge

24.   9-D370-24  Rod Bearing With Nut

25.   9-D370-25  Bevel Gears

27.   9-D370-27  Eccentric Cam

28.   9-D370-28  Plunger Ring

29.   9-D370-29  Pressure Bar With Gears

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