Advantages of Silicone Molds

If bent, the mould will regain its shape.

Unbreakable and cannot be damaged when compared to moulds made from glass, metal etc.

Optimized Food Storage
Renders the consumption of only part of the mixture, conserving the rest in the fridge.

Minimize Use of Space
Little room for storage required.

Thermal Stability
Usable across a temperature range from-76 F to +446 °F (-60 to +230 °C).

Practical Maintenance
Can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

Can be taken from the oven/microwave and placed immediately in the fridge freezer and vice versa.

Quality of Silicone
Made from LSR liquid silicone.

Stable Aging Process
3000 uses guaranteed.

Mold does not release odor during cooking.

Food Regulation Compliance
All materials used are tested in accordance with the Foods Standards Agency.

Wide Range
Offer a range of packaging, color and form options.

Eye Catching Design
For innovation in the kitchen.

Stability and Thermal Resistance
Greater stability and thermal resistance in comparison to metal molds.

The molds do not produce smoke during cooking.

Safety Guaranteed
Each mold is treated by a thermal process lasting between 6-7 hours , which results in the elimination of potentially toxic residue.

Safe Ring
Includes a removable support ring.

Minute Detail
Faithfully reproduces all details of the mold.

Healthy Eating
No butter or other fats are required to grease the molds.


To wash the moulds it is recommended not to use strong detergents, sparkling aids and deodorants for dishwashers. In case of washing with rinse aid, it may occur the appearance of a white coating on the surface of the mould and in the subsequent baking foods could present a flavor alteration. However, the performance and safety of the mould are not compromised. To eliminate this problem we recommend boiling the product in water for a few minutes.

After the use of special ingredients - such as cocoa butter or tomato sauce – it may form white or colored spots on the surface of the mould: if it occurs, is normal and does not affect the normal performance and safety of the product. To remove the emergence of particles from the mould, we suggest to dip it for a few minutes in boiling water to release what it has previously held.

The Bisphenol-A (or BPA) is a monomer used in the production of epoxy resins and in the most common forms of polycarbonate. In recent years some studies have suggested a possible harmful effect of BPA on human health in case of excessive consumption. Our silicone, not being a material derived from plastic, does not contain this substance.

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